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Plagiarism Checker Review

Why Use an Online Plagiarism Checker?

When choosing an online plagiarism checker, you want different features depending on whether you’re a student, an instructor or a publisher. Students who want to double check their assignments for unintentional plagiarism need a service that will check their work against extensive databases of online and offline publications to protect them from submitting assignments with a plagiarism index of greater than 5 percent. Instructors and publishers need advanced plagiarism detection that can uncover subtle and hidden plagiarism that results from students or writers modifying the plagiarized material by replacing words with synonyms and other alterations that less-sophisticated finders often miss.

We’ve reviewed the best online plagiarism detectors and put together a list of the top services available for detecting and eliminating plagiarism. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

Plagiarism Checkers: What to Look For

None of the plagiarism checkers we reviewed have all of the criteria we looked for, but the top online plagiarism checkers have many options and features in common. To help you choose a service that works best for you, we evaluate and compare the best online plagiarism checking services using the following categories and criteria:

Account Options
In order to meet the varying needs of people who need to check for plagiarism, an online plagiarism checker needs to offer different types of accounts that cater to individuals and institutions. These accounts should be reasonably priced and include the features that each type of customer will require.

In order to be as accurate as possible, an online plagiarism detector needs to compare the documents you submit against the most sources possible, including but not limited to websites and online databases, databases owned and updated by the plagiarism checker and offline publication databases containing books, journals, articles and so forth.

Ease of Use
We evaluated each plagiarism detection service in terms of how easy it is to sign up for services and how easy it is to upgrade your account. All the services in our review scored well in this category. We also looked at whether the service incorporates a user dashboard to manage all content uploading and reports, as well as the options for submitting documents including cut-and-paste and direct document upload functions.

There are a number of features that set some online plagiarism checkers apart from the rest. These include automated or scheduled checks and reports, compatibility with texts in multiple languages, the ability of the service to integrate with content management systems and whether the plagiarism detector offers a limited free service in addition to paid subscription accounts.

Additionally, we looked at the methods each service uses to detect plagiarism that is more subtle or hidden by replacing words with synonyms and other masking methods. Some of the techniques that plagiarism checkers use include synonym and sentence-structure analysis and comparison, document fingerprinting and pattern-recognition analysis.

Each online plagiarism finder generates reports detailing instances of suspected plagiarism. We evaluated these reports in terms of their organization and plagiarism indexing by percentages, whether the plagiarism check could be displayed in multiple types of reports, and what options each service provides for downloading and sharing these reports among sub users of accounts with multiple users.

Help & Support
Most of the plagiarism checkers we looked at guarantee their results to varying degrees. We also evaluated the methods each service provides for contacting customer support, the hours that support is available and the amount of information, such as FAQs, tutorials and general information on plagiarism that is available on the service’s website.

After evaluating each service using the above criteria, we found that the best plagiarism finders are PlagScan, and iThenticate. Each of these services detect even hidden plagiarism using proprietary document profiling technology and compare the documents you upload against the most number of sources in databases and online to give you the most thorough analysis of the level of plagiarism in the documents you scan.

In this review, you’ll see side-by-side comparisons of the best plagiarism checkers and detailed reviews of each service to give you the information you’ll need to choose a plagiarism checker that’s best for your needs. In addition, we have articles relating to plagiarism detection that will help you understand the cutting-edge methods and processes that are used to detect plagiarism and ensure content originality.