Academic Plagiarism Premium Account, 1 Day Pass Review

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PROS / Academic Plagiarism has a free checker and inexpensive premium account options.

CONS / Their reports are not as accurate as our top-rated online plagiarism detectors.

VERDICT / Overall, they are a solid plagiarism-detection resource for students and teachers.

With a name that describes the problem their service attempts to address, the online plagiarism checker Academic Plagiarism is designed to help both students and teachers detect and eliminate unintentional and deliberate plagiarism alike. Although their plagiarism detection service is intended for academic applications, it can be used by anyone who wants to check for plagiarism in documents and text. To compare this plagiarism checker with our top-rated services, see our reviews of PlagScan and

Account Types

In addition to their trial account that allows users to scan one document every three days using only the cut-and-paste search window, the Academic Plagiarism checker offers a number of Premium Account options. The Premium membership account option listed on our matrix and highlighted in this review is the single day pass that lets you check up to five documents in 24 hours. If you use this pass to check 5 documents, or 50,000 words, since the maximum file size for each document is 200KB, or 10,000 words, it will only cost you a dollar a document, which is an excellent deal.


The Academic Plagiarism checker uses multiple-source checking to detect plagiarism in documents or text pasted into their scanning window. This plagiarism finder compares documents with web content and databases containing books, publications, essays and articles for an in-depth plagiarism index analysis. This analysis is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

To test their service, we used an article that we cut and pasted from Wikipedia and then altered by replacing words with synonyms and altering the syntax slightly. We scanned this document using both Academic Plagiarism’s trial account and paid Premium account and compared the reports. The trial service actually detected a higher percentage of plagiarism than the paid service (21.74 percent and 17.39 percent respectively, or a 20-percent difference between the two figures). Overall we found Academic Plagiarism to be a little less accurate than the plagiarism checkers we ranked higher.

Ease of Use

Signing up for an account is quick and simple. Upgrading from a free trial to a Premium account is just as easy since there are upgrade links on every page on their website. Even though signing up for this plagiarism checker was painless, we were unable to scan any documents until we were finally able to speak with a customer-support specialist who set up a new account for us remotely that worked right away.


Academic Plagiarism’s service offers nearly all of the features we looked for in a plagiarism checker. They don’t include a document-correction service or allow users to schedule future scans for the documents uploaded to their account. The feature we liked best is that they offer a number of Premium account options ranging from one day to six months, with price breaks for longer memberships.


Although the Academic Plagiarism checker doesn’t offer multiple report types per se, Premium account holders can download their online plagiarism reports as a PDF file. Both the online and document reports highlight instances of suspected plagiarism in different colors based on the type of source material and include a list of the original sources. The online reports include an overall plagiarism percentage figure that the downloaded document file reports do not.

Help & Support

The support team at Academic Plagiarism can be contacted by phone or email through a form on their website, and they are quick to respond to all email inquiries. They also offer live chat support with limited hours of operation. Their website contains a FAQs page and a blog with instructional videos and other resources.


Whether you’re looking for a one-time plagiarism check or a plagiarism checker you can use on a regular basis, Academic Plagiarism offers both a limited free trial and Premium account options with subscription lengths ranging from one day to six months. To see their plagiarism detector in action for yourself, visit their website and sign up for a no-cost, risk-free trial account. Although they aren’t our top pick for a plagiarism checker, they do provide an accurate service at a great price.